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Can You Really Forgive & Forget After an Affair?


Today we’re talking about the difficult topic of infidelity. So many couples have come to my office after experiencing a partner who’s had an affair. Is it possible to just forgive and forget? Or are there other factors that could prevent you from healing in your relationship? Check out this video to start thinking on a deeper level about dealing with the harmful effects of infidelity.

3 Ways to Gain Back Trust in Your Relationship

Today we’re discussing ways to gain back trust in your relationship. Trust is difficult to obtain and easy to destroy. Start gaining back trust by being consistent, talking through you’re problems, and actively problem solving.

3 Ways To Be An Emotionally Safe Wife for Your Husband


Today we’re discussing 3 ways to be an emotionally safe wife for your husband. Sometimes communication in a relationship becomes difficult when there is a clear lack of trust. Become a more trusting wife by keeping his secrets, examining your nonverbal communication, and avoiding trying to fix him.

3 Signs You're Dating A Person with Trauma


Trauma can be a difficult thing to deal with, but it's not always easy to see. In this video, we'll be discussing some of the signs that you may be dating a person with trauma. From anxiety to trust issues, these signs will help you determine if your relationship with this person is right for you.

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