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Relationship Consulting

Relationship Consultation

Sometimes couples go through situations or events that you need a helping hand with guiding you through. A relationship consultation discusses current issues you are experiencing in the relationship and provides help with solving problems that come up in the relationship.

Individual Therapy
Individual Relationship Consultation

Are you having difficulty in your marriage or relationship?  Are you deciding whether to engage in a relationship or possibly end a relationship or divorce? Individual consultations help you navigate difficult decisions that can impact your life. Learn more about your dating habits, love language, or any issue that impacts your relationship.

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Couples Therapy
Pre-Marital Consultations

Thinking about getting married? Are you engaged and searching for the tools to have a lasting marriage? Pre-marital consulting takes you through some of the most difficult topics that married couples go through such as finances, infidelity, sex & intimacy, and many other topics that will help you stay in your marriage for the long haul.

Group Therapy
Emergency Relationship Repair

Sometimes sudden issues come up that can threaten your relationship if left unaddressed. For situations when you need help ASAP book an emergency session to help resolve your issues. For issues that involve mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or suicidal ideations please contact the appropriate mental health or emergency crisis center in your state.

Family Therapy
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